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About Sky Rae

Voice Actor  • Audio Editor

                                Unique and Eccentric Sound.

 SkyRae has over 8 years of experience in the Voice-Over world

                         and continues to brighten any project!

Experienced Voice Actor for 8 years, I've been growing my skills and working with incredible companies to bring their projects to life! Fast turn-around and flexible scheduling will make booking easy, not to mention a studio with broadcast quality. Whether you're looking to record Corporate/Commercials, Video Games, Animation, E-Learning, Narration, or Documentaries. I can help bring your vision to life! With a diverse voice range we can work together to get that perfect quality you're looking for. Allow me to dive in and show you my dedication to helping your project come to life with accents, natural tones, eccentric and goofy characters, to announcer!

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